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MyERS CompletE offers nurse educators a variety of innovative solutions to address their staff’s continuing education needs. Whether you seek ready-made content or a custom-built learning management system, we have you covered. Our passion is strengthening expertise through continuing growth. Let us handle the logistics of simplified, budget-friendly CE solutions so you can focus on unlocking potential! Reimagine staff development with MyERS CompletE. Start your organization’s 30-day risk-free trial today!

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MyERS CompletE is a cloud-based solution to simplifying continuing education (CE) compliance through the power of automation, real-time analytics, and mobile accessibility. Our intuitive LMS streamlines CE tracking and reporting so nurse educators can focus on other strategic priorities. The future of effortless CE management is here. Invest in your team and elevate outcomes with MyERS CompletE.
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Approved Provider of Continuing Education 

Since 1995, we have been approved as a provider of CE by the Florida Board of Nursing. All state licensing boards that require CE credits for license renewal accept CE approved by another state's licensing board. One (1.0) CE contact hour is earned upon successful completion of a competency assessment. Eligible to earn contact hours through our CE programs:
  • Registered Nurses
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants

Annual license to our CE programs include:

Enterprise-Grade LMS

A powerful tool for nurse educators which provides an enjoyable learning experience to their staff. You, and your team, are prepared for the future of nursing education.

CE Activities

Access our evolving bank of population-specific and age-specific CE activities. New CE activities released on the first business day of each month.

Competency Assessments

A ten question, multiple-choice competency assessment accompanies each CE activity. Answering 9 out of 10 questions correctly earns a certificate of completion.

Free CE Contact Hours

Staff will earn one (1.0) CE contact hour upon successful completion of a competency assessment. Certificates are issued for each completion and archived on their account for future reference.

Turnkey continuing education programs covering the patient lifespan

- Want to add your own activities?

Create Dynamic Learning Activities for Your Team

Reimagine nursing education with our simple yet powerful course creation tools. Whether you're an expert developer or just getting started, our intuitive authoring platform makes it easy to create sleek, multimedia courses that resonate with today's nursing professionals. Add My Course Builder to your account and unlock creativity without technical headaches.
- Need more control?

Custom Built LMS

Leap into the digital age with a white label learning management system tailored to your organization's unique brand, culture and clinical workflows. We handle all the technical build and management, while you focus on creating the stellar education experiences nurses need. Your learners benefit from recognizable branding and learning formats crafted specifically for nursing roles. Interactive courses connect better than one-size-fits-all content.

When you succeed, we all succeed.

Equipping nurses with timely education creates better patient experiences, reduces risks, and gets new therapies to patients faster. By making comprehensive CE accessible, our platform helps hospitals and communities fully leverage medical innovations to save lives. Investing in nursing excellence through ongoing learning leads to higher quality care and improved population health.


of nurses report their organization does not provide enough on-the-job training.


of nurses say CE opportunities strongly influence their job satisfaction.


Ongoing development leads to nurses being 2.5x more likely to exhibit exceptional clinical skills.

How can we assist nurse educators?

Spend less time on CE development and more time advancing patient care programs, quality improvement projects, and other strategic priorities. Our CE solutions allow you to reclaim your time and regain your passion for the profession you love.

Save time

No more reinventing CE materials every month! We provide comprehensive, turnkey CE activities for your nurses.

Reduce workload

Simply disseminate our engaging monthly content rather than developing from scratch.

Increase engagement

Our advanced learning modules and competency assessments keep nurses interested and sharp.

Simplify access

One license allows all nursing staff within your free-standing facility to utilize our service at no additional charge.

Enhance skills

Evidence-based, relevant topics keep your staff clinically current.

In-depth Data Analytics

Track testing progress and make data-driven decisions on your staff's CE needs.
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- Key benefits

A lot your nursing staff will love!

Free | No additional out-of-pocket expenses charged to staff. Access is included in your organization's license(s).
Mobile Access | Nurses can complete CE activities on their smartphones or tablets whenever it's convenient - essential for hectic work/life schedules.
Career Growth | Completing CE allows your nursing staff to stay current in their field and meet requirements for maintaining their license. This supports their professional development.
Instant Accessibility | Your nursing staff can access their CE certificates immediately online after successfully completing a competency assessment. Earned certificates are archived on their account for future reference.
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