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MyERS CompletE License

MyERS Learning System Bundle | Annual License:  $2,299 begin /  $1,349 renew
Includes online testing (up to 500 accounts) and access to the following education programs:
  • Grown Up | Caring for Adolescents, Adults, and Aging Adults
  • Growing Up With Us | Caring for Children
  • Growing Families | Caring for Childbearing Families and Neonates
  • Growing Numbers | Caring for Ambulatory Surgery Patients
  • Personal Growth | A Newsletter for All Staff
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Need more than 500 user accounts? Try our Custom LMS solution to receive unlimited accounts, and so much more!

MyERS Learning Center License

Grown Up | Annual License:  $399 begin / $229 renew
Growing Up With Us | Annual License:  $399 begin / $229 renew
Growing Families | Annual License:  $399 begin / $229 renew
Growing Numbers | Annual License:  $399 begin / $229 renew
Personal Growth | Annual License:  $279 begin / $150 renew
Learning System | Annual License | All CE Programs:  $1,799 begin / $999 renew

Custom LMS + My Course Builder

White-label LMS:  $4,399/year
  • includes one annual license to MyERS Learning System bundle
  • additional license(s): $499/each/year

Instructional Design Services

ID Service (Member):  $49/hour
ID Service (Non-Member):  $99/hour
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