Code Blue! Netflix Shows That Make Healthcare Professionals Cringe

Apr 24

Code Blue! Netflix Shows That Make Healthcare Professionals Cringe

Lights, camera, action! We all love a good medical drama, but for healthcare professionals, watching some of these shows can be a real test of patience. From questionable diagnoses to miraculous recoveries, the world of television medicine often strays far from reality. In this post, we'll put on our scrubs, grab our popcorn, and take a lighthearted look at some of the most cringe-worthy medical moments on Netflix.

Grey's Anatomy: The Surgical Superhero Syndrome
Let's start with a classic. While Grey's Anatomy has been entertaining audiences for almost two decades, it's also been raising eyebrows among medical professionals. From doctors performing surgeries outside their specialties to interns taking on complex procedures with minimal supervision, this show takes surgical heroism to new heights. In reality, no surgeon would be allowed to bounce between neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery like a medical jack-of-all-trades!

The Good Doctor: Savant or Savior?
This show follows the story of a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. While it's refreshing to see a character with autism portrayed in a positive light, the show's depiction of medical procedures can be a bit far-fetched. In one episode, the main character performs a life-saving surgery in the middle of a power outage, using only his photographic memory and a flashlight. Talk about pressure!

Ratched: Lobotomies and Literal Jaw-Dropping Moments
This psychological thriller set in the 1940s follows the infamous Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. While the show is visually stunning, its portrayal of psychiatric treatments is enough to make any healthcare professional shudder. From impromptu lobotomies to patients being subjected to scalding hydrotherapy, this show is not for the faint of heart (or the medically accurate).

The Rain: Pandemic Panic and Questionable Quarantine
In this post-apocalyptic Danish series, a virus transmitted by rain wipes out most of the population. While the show's premise is intriguing, its depiction of viral outbreaks and quarantine procedures is a bit suspect. Characters seem to contract the virus at random, and the survivors' idea of quarantine involves a lot of wandering around in hazmat suits. In reality, infection control is a bit more complex than just avoiding puddles!

Nurse Jackie: Addicted to Drama (and Drugs)
This dark comedy follows a fictional emergency room nurse who grapples with addiction while juggling her personal and professional life. While the show does a decent job of portraying the stress and chaos of an emergency department, its depiction of a nurse's duties and ethical boundaries can be a bit questionable. In one scene, Jackie administers a lethal dose of morphine to a patient without consulting a doctor. Yikes!

While these shows may not always get the medical details right, they do provide a healthy dose of entertainment and escape. As healthcare professionals, we can appreciate the dramatic storytelling while also recognizing the importance of separating fact from fiction. So, the next time you're watching a medical show on Netflix and find yourself cringing at a particularly egregious medical mistake, just remember: it's all in good fun! And who knows, maybe one day we'll get a show that perfectly captures the realities of healthcare – but until then, we'll just have to keep our code carts ready and our suspension of disbelief on standby.