From Mail Order to SCORM and Beyond!

Jan 16

From Mail Order to SCORM and Beyond!

We’ve traveled quite the journey since MyERS, formerly known as Growing Up With Us, began back in 1995! As one of the first independent CE providers for nurses, our mail order model was a pioneering move.
Here’s how it worked: we sent thick envelopes stuffed with photocopied two-page lessons plus 10-question competency tests. Nurse educators would then distribute our activities by hand to their staff month after month. Nurses would read the monthly CE activity, complete the paper quiz to demonstrate comprehension, turn-in quiz to their manager, and then hope their tests were manually graded in time for license renewal!

It was logistically crazy but filled a need for affordable, accessible CE options. Of course, internet changes everything! Once websites became mainstream, MyERS migrated activities and assessments totally online by 2006. Nurses could instantly access PDF course materials and evaluations through our Learning Center testing portal to earn contact hour certificates on the spot. Huge efficiency upgrade!

Then the gamechanger came in 2021 with our SCORM 1.2 compliant learning bundles. By condensing lessons, assessments and transcripts into handy Shareable Content Object files, now MyERS CE activities integrate directly into third-party learning management systems alongside other content seamlessly.

And we’ve continued investing in delivery innovation with the 2024 launch of MyERS CompletE. This robust CE management platform lets nurse educators track their entire staff’s continuing education progress efficiently through centralized dashboards and custom reports. And frontline nurses appreciate the flexibility of on-demand CE activities readable from any device.

It's remarkable to see such exponential progress supporting nursing development in just 30 years! But our core mission remains unchanged: empower nurses to advance expertise through effective continuing education despite busy lives. We can’t wait to see what the next decade brings as technology and pedagogy evolves!

We hypothesize the future of nursing education will be defined by ultra personalized, on-demand microlearning. With AI-driven assessment analysis, customized knowledge gaps remediation happens in real-time. Simulation difficulty adapts to competence levels measured by biometric feedback sensors. Augmented and virtual reality games will reinforce clinical skills enjoyment. And interconnected ecosystems will enable seamless transition of credentials across institutions.

Of course some elements will remain constant in the future - nursing’s calling to heal through relentless growth and technology thoughtfully applied to amplify human potential. We're honored to continually innovate superior CE so nurses can transform care!