Welcome to "Beyond the Lesson Plan"

Jan 2

Where Nursing Education Meets Imagination

We are thrilled to welcome you to Beyond the Lesson Plan - the official blog of My Education Resources and Solutions (MyERS). Consider this your go-to resource for exploring the creative, challenging, and profoundly rewarding world of nursing education. This blog provides more than just news reports—it sparks thoughtful discussions that empower nurse educators to engage students in transformative new ways. With open minds and fresh vision, together we’ll venture beyond traditional pedagogy to reshape the future of nursing, one inspired nurse at a time.

As nurses, our dedication to learning and professional growth runs deep. We never settle for the status quo when it comes to advancing our expertise. We created Beyond the Lesson Plan to delve deeper into emerging trends, research, tech tools, best practices, and innovations shaping the future of nursing education. Here, you'll discover posts covering everything from:

  • The latest teaching techniques and technologies
  • Humor, inspirational stories, and self-care tips
  • Cutting-edge sim labs and virtual teaching methods
  • Leadership and policy updates impacting nursing ed
  • Interviews with renowned nurse educators
  • Preparing students for telehealth nursing roles
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion curriculum insights

Our mission is for this blog to spark meaningful discussions beyond required lessons - to inform, inspire and connect an amazing community of nurse educators like you. We can't wait to learn together!

Beyond the Lesson Plan won’t just report the news - it will encourage us to create the future. Through open, thoughtful dialogue, we transform not only our own nursing education journeys but elevate the entire profession.

Beyond the Lesson Plan celebrates breakthrough moments of clarity between nurses and patients. We explore everyday innovations that make care more compassionate. And we share heartfelt stories that motivate all nurses to keep growing in knowledge and wisdom.

Thought-provoking articles tackle essential issues like curriculum design, leadership dynamics, policy impacts, evaluation methods, and everything in between. You’ll find inspiration to remain creative, centered, and energized as you handle the beautiful chaos of nursing education.

We don’t shy away from obstacles—we overcome them through open exchange. Every challenge presents a chance to learn. What lingering education questions keep you up at night? Let’s unravel complex topics together.

At Beyond the Lesson Plan, the status quo has no home. We envision the future of nursing shaped by educators and practitioners like you. Our community welcomes diverse voices, fresh ideas, and nurtures professional passions.

Join the conversation as we empower the next generation of exceptional nurses changing health outcomes every day. Let your inspiration guide us all to new heights!

- MyERS Editorial Staff