Caring for Childbearing Families & Neonates

Growing Families

Addresses topics related to the maternity patient in the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods. Topics related to assessment and care of the neonate are also included. 
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What's included?

Enterprise-Grade LMS

A powerful tool for nurse educators that provides an enjoyable learning experience to their staff. You are prepared for the future of nursing education.

CE Activities

Access bank of population-specific and age-specific CE activities developed by masters-prepared nurse educators. A new CE activity is released each month.

Competency Assessments

A ten question, multiple-choice competency assessment accompanies each CE activity. Answering 9 out of 10 questions correctly earns a certificate of completion.

Free CE Contact Hours for Staff

Your staff will earn one (1.0) CE contact hour upon successful completion of a competency assessment. There is no additional charge for staff to utilize this service.

One License Provides Access to All Nursing Staff

Purchase an annual license to this CE program to access the available CE activities. All nursing staff within your free-standing facility can utilize our cloud-based CE service at no additional charge. Additional licenses required for other facilities within your health system.

Available CE Activities

Browse our list of CE activities currently accessible through this CE program. Features up-to-date learning activities on prenatal development, NICU practices, newborn screening, labor interventions and more. Purchase a license to offer these CE opportunities to your nursing team.

Turnkey CE Solutions

Our all-in-one platform provides educators with an intuitive end-to-end solution purposefully designed to maximize staff development.

Real-Time Analytics

Unlock data-driven insights with advanced analytics and reporting to identify your staff's knowledge gaps.

Learning on-the-go

Responsive eLearning modules that look great on any device - computer, tablet, or mobile.

Next-Generation LMS

Powered by LearnWorlds™, we packed our LMS with the tools needed for the future of nursing education.
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