Bring Your Nursing Education Online with a Custom LMS

Transform your professional development strategy with a customized, cloud-based hub for nursing education initiatives. We'll match the site to your organization's branding for a seamless learning experience. Consolidate new hire onboarding, continuing education, competency assessments, and skills training all in one intuitive LMS platform. A perfect solution for healthcare systems to manage staff development across multiple facilities.

Annual License >> $4,399

Benefits of a custom LMS designed by MyERS

Design the most motivating learning paths for your team.

White-label LMS

Custom designed LMS with corporate branding tailored to your organization's needs.

My Course Builder

Create your own learning activities! Access our suite of tools to build custom learning paths for your team.

MyERS Learning System

Includes an annual license to all five of our education programs. You will receive 54 turnkey learning activities each year.

Cloud-based Platform

No servers to maintain. No software to install. No need to contact IT. All activity takes place on off-site servers.

Social Network

A complete built-in social network for connecting with your team. 

Real-time Data Analytics

Track user progression, assessment results, survey responses, training histories at the click of a button.

Filter & export learner segments with +70 different filters

Before exporting your reports, employ either basic or intricate filters to ensure you obtain the most pertinent information.

Turn Data into Useful Insights

Oversee the entire course funnel from inception to completion. Recognize prevalent data patterns, discern trends, and rectify errors. Acquire all necessary data to foresee challenges and enhance processes.

Prove Your Work is Making a Difference

Explore the usage of your content through consumption reports. Generate personalized PDFs and swiftly initiate multiple data exports.

What's included?

Amazing features for highly customizable learning experiences

Intuitive authoring tools

Build dynamic learning experiences for your staff with suite of easy-to-use tools

Unlimited courses

Create as many as you need and host them on your organization's account

Restricted access

Courses are set to private and only accessible by your staff

ID support

Our instructional designers are happy to answer any question you may have along the way

Video conferencing

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile

So much more...

Request a demo today to see how easy it is to design rich learning experiences for your team with My Course Builder
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What will you create?

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