Frequently asked questions

Why are no CE activities available on my account?

You did not enter the correct Employer Code when registering for an account. An Employer Code is issued when your organization enrolls in MyERS CompletE. Contact the administrator of our CE programs at your organization to obtain your organization's Employer Code.

Can an individual purchase a license to a CE program?

No, we do not currently offer individual licenses to our learning materials. Our rates are for entire facilities. One license permits all staff within the free-standing facility to utilize our service. 

How many CE contact hours are earned by completing the competency assessment that accompanies each CE activity?

One (1.0) contact hour is earned for each successfully completed competency assessment. You must answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly to successfully complete a competency assessment. 

How much does each CE contact hour cost?

$0! There are no out-of-pocket expenses incurred by staff.

Can the CE contact hours I earn be used to satisfy the CE requirements of my nursing license?

Yes! We are approved as a provider of continuing education by the Florida Board of Nursing - provider #50-4366. All state licensing boards that have CE requirements for license renewal accept CE approved by another state's licensing board. Eligible to earn CE contact hours through our education programs:
 • Registered Nurses
 • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
 • Licensed Practical Nurses
 • Certified Nursing Assistants

Will the CE contact hour certificates I earned through MyERS Learning Center transfer to my new MyERS CompletE account?

No, MyERS Learning Center and MyERS CompletE are built on separate platforms. There is no communication between the two tools. All CE contact hour certificates earned through MyERS Learning Center will remain accessible on If your organization upgrades to MyERS CompletE, we will continue to maintain your organization's MyERS Learning Center account - therefore your Staff account will remain active. Once your organization has upgraded to MyERS CompletE, all online testing will be conducted through MyERS CompletE. You will only need access to your MyERS Learning Center Staff account to retrieve copies of CE contact hour certificates you earned in the past. If you need assistance accessing your old Staff account on, please email us at or contact the MyERS client experience manager assigned to your organization's account.

Do I have to download software to utilize MyERS CompletE?

No, MyERS CompletE is a cloud-based service accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. No software to download. No servers to maintain.